Meet ‘Jerry’, Real-estate A.I. Pro

A Meet Jerry, the BRRRR AI Bot: a lightning-fast wholesaler and contractor recruiter extraordinaire. With the ability to send and respond to 1000 text messages in 45 minutes, Jerry builds teams of top-notch professionals. Discover more about Jerry’s exceptional capabilities…

1000 Wholesale Messages in 45 mins
Builds FULL Construction Crews in minutes

Jerry’s Crew

Jerry, assembled a high-powered crew known for their commitment to timely project completion. With Jerry’s exceptional ability to identify top-tier workers, we take immense pride in our no-nonsense, business-oriented approach.

What can Jerry do?

Services (now & future)


Wholesaler (SMS)

Jerry revolutionizes wholesaling by optimizing the process and eliminating the frustrations of mean messages, profanity, and degrading communication, ensuring a smooth and respectful experience for all involved.


Construction crew curator

Jerry brings an unparalleled ease to recruiting exceptional construction crews, offering a proven process that ensures the retention of top-tier teams despite the transient nature of the industry.


Smart tasks tracker

Jerry stays on top of the construction process by implementing smart task trackers, ensuring that the crew focuses on high-priority tasks and closely monitoring the critical path. This meticulous approach guarantees timely project completion and adherence to budgetary constraints.

Jerry getting better


Jerry’s continuous improvement and skill acquisition pave the way for an optimized BRRRR process, promising a future where both Jerry and his co-workers excel in their abilities.

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